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Dealing With Adult Enuresis

Adult enuresis affects a large segment of the adult population. This problem is more common in women and is associated with a number of factors. The most common cause of adult enuresis is the inability of the bladder to empty completely and therefore there is an involuntary muscle spasm.

Although there are many causes of adult enuresis, they are typically caused by some combination of stress, urge, diet, hormones, and bladder weakness. Sometimes the enuresis can be caused by physical factors such as infection, bladder stones or struvite crystals that have become stuck in the urinary tract. Other times, it can be caused by psychological factors such as fear or stress. Some of the other less common causes are alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, dehydration and some of the medications used to treat hypertension.

Adult enuresis is a serious medical issue. Therefore, treatment should be tried as quickly as possible to prevent the recurrence of this embarrassing and painful situation. It can be treated using medication, which is often an effective treatment if the underlying cause is diabetes, heart disease or dehydration. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to remove the sphincter muscle that is either damaged or completely disabled. Medications can also be used to control the urge to urinate.

Adult enuresis is very common. Studies show that as many as one out of every three adults will have episodes of adult enuresis at some point during their lives. However, sometimes the episodes happen more frequently and treatments for adult enuresis are not effective. This can lead to the need for surgery to correct the problem. Other forms of therapy including hypnosis, exercise and psychotherapy can be used in conjunction with medication to correct adult enuresis.

A diet rich in liquids and foods that contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients can help improve the function of the urinary tract. Flax seed oil supplements are a great addition to any diet as they promote healthy bladder functioning and overall good health. They also contain linolenic acid, a fatty acid that prevents bacteria from attaching itself to the bladder walls. Foods that are rich in vitamins B, C and E are also helpful in maintaining proper urine flow and are necessary for healthy bladder function. Foods that are low in vitamins B, C and E include soy products, seafood, wheat and other grains that are low in these vitamins.

When treating adult enuresis, it’s best to use a combination of lifestyle and dietary changes along with medication and inversion therapy. These treatments can be very effective at curing adult enuresis as long as they are used properly and regularly. They can also help prevent future episodes from occurring. Using a combination of diet, exercise, medications, and inversion therapy can help you maintain a healthy bladder throughout your life.

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