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Reasons to Study the Bible

Bible study – it sounds like it is only for those who are leading a church like a pastor or those who are devoting himself or herself to God like an evangelist or a missionary. But the bible is God’s message not only for those mentioned but for all people literally. As a whole, you and I must listen to God’s message through the reading and studying of his words in the Holy Scriptures – the bible – in order for us to know what God has to say to us.

The bible is quite a large compilation of sixty-six books in the old and new testaments. There are so many reasons why each one must engage into reading and studying the bible. Meanwhile, three are given below.

Reasons to Study the Bible

1. Knowing the Truth

The basic purpose of reading and studying the bible is to know God’s message. There are many religions and personalities handling the scriptures today and we know that they do not all coincide. The bible, on its part, has told in the bible that there be people adding or omitting parts of his words. This causes misinterpretation and twisting of the truth. Even when you are not a pastor, missionary or evangelist, you can engage in studying the bible in order for you to directly read and know God’s words.

2. Following the Truth

Studying the bible does not only give you knowledge of the message of God to the Israelites, Gentiles and Christians in the books that compose it but also encourages you to abide in it. The message of God is not meant to be read or heard alone. In the book of James, it is revealed that God is pleased when the readers of his words become doers. Following the truths in the Bible, which are the counsels of God, is another strong reason to study the bible.

3. Sharing the Truth

Again, the bible is for everyone. You should not skip any book thinking you will not get a message from God in there. Although, it is to be noted, that the passages are divided for specific groups of people in different times. As you can see, the bible is written of old but is applicable even in our generation today and in the generations to come. The message of God that you have learned from the bible ought to be shared to others. Obviously, not everyone is given the chance to get hold of a bible in their hand while others do not care about the bible at all. Sharing God’s words to others is God’s purpose for you and me.igital age, it’s important for accountants to be proficient in using various accounting software and tools. This will make it easier for them to manage your financial information and provide you with accurate and timely reports.

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